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Dental Implants

The surgeons at Armanini, Kolodychak, & Basile, L.L.P. are experts in implantology. Implant supported teeth are similarly structured to natural teeth. At our Practice, we utilize a biocompatible titanium cylinder to replace the root structure of a natural tooth. Once the implant has been placed, the implant must have an appropriate amount of time to heal, or osseointegrate. At this point, you will be referred back to your General Dentist to have the crown fabricated and placed on your dental implant.


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Third molars, or wisdom teeth as they are commonly called, typically develop around the age of eighteen. Drs. Armanini, Kolodychak, and Basile, specialize in the removal of third molars, and recommend an evaluation around this age. Many times, your Orthodontist and/or General Dentist will refer you for this care. If your third molars need to be removed, we offer a variety of anesthetic options specifically tailored to each individual. Should you have questions about wisdom teeth removal, we encourage you to reach out to our experienced and knowledgeable staff today!


Tooth Extractions

Tooth removal should be viewed as a necessity when other efforts to save the tooth have failed. Drs. Armanini, Kolodychak, and Basile, will work together with your referring Dentist to deliver your necessary care.

Your dentist may recommend tooth extraction for a variety of reasons. Teeth that are non-restorable, severely decayed, or showing advanced periodontal disease, are likely indicated for removal. Occasionally, impacted teeth may be poorly positioned, and require removal or additional treatment in conjunction with orthodontic therapy. Our doctors will discuss all types of treatment options available to you.


Bone Grafting

If you have inadequate bone structure due to previous procedures, pathology, or injury, our doctors may be able to treat the bone deficient site with a variety of bone grafting techniques. Bone grafting also plays an important role in preparing extraction sites for possible future implant placement. After a tooth is removed, the surgical site begins to heal, but the surrounding bone can also resorb. As such, we recommend bone grafting at the time of tooth removal, if you’re considering replacing the tooth with a dental implant. All available options for bone grafting will be discussed at your consultation appointment.


Oral Pathology

Drs. Armanini, Kolodychak, and Basile, work with referring physicians to diagnose and treat many forms of oral pathology. The inside of the mouth is lined with mucosa, a smooth, pink skin. Any noticeable alteration in the appearance of this skin should be evaluated by a healthcare professional. The following are some symptoms that should be evaluated:

  • Reddish or whitish patches in the mouth
  • A sore that fails to heal or bleeds easily
  • A lump or thickening of the mucosa
  • Chronic sore throat, hoarseness, or difficulty chewing or swallowing

These symptoms can be observed on the lips, cheeks, palate, tongue, face, neck, or gum tissue surrounding the teeth. Pain is not always associated with these symptoms, however, any patient experiencing facial or oral pain without an obvious reason should contact their healthcare professional. Your mouth serves as one of the body’s most important warning systems; please contact us if you observe any of these symptoms so our knowledgeable staff can assist you with any questions or concerns.


Impacted Canines

In addition to wisdom teeth, Drs. Armanini, Kolodychak, and Basile, have extensive experience working with Orthodontists to surgically expose and bracket impacted cuspid teeth. Following wisdom teeth, the second most commonly impacted tooth is the maxillary cuspid, or upper eyetooth; they also have the longest roots of any natural tooth.

The last of the front teeth to erupt, cuspids typically begin to develop around the age of 13, causing any space left between the upper front teeth to tighten. If a cuspid tooth is impacted, there are a number of techniques we can use to aid eruption; contact us today to schedule a consultation.


3D Imaging

Armanini, Kolodychak, & Basile, L.L.P. utilizes the i-CAT(R), a state-of-the-art Cone Beam CT system for diagnosis and treatment with unprecedented accuracy. This 3D technology uses clear digital imagery and minimizes our patients’ exposure to radiation by focusing directly on the area that needs to be observed. It also widens the range of diagnoses and treatments we are capable of performing. The i-CAT(R) offers unmatched 3D visualization and anatomical detail which can help us explain the specifics of your case, offer even more customized treatment, and address any concerns you may have.



Each of our doctors is capable of administering a number of anesthetic techniques to our patients that can be narrowed down based on the procedure(s) being performed, as well as patient preference for maximum comfort. These anesthesia types include:

  • Local Anesthetic, which is typically used for simple procedures and may be used alongside other types of anesthesia if needed. With local anesthesia, a patient is conscious during their procedure.
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation with Local Anesthetic, which utilizes nitrous oxide and oxygen to keep the patient relaxed during their procedure. This is also typically administered for simple procedures, but can be used for more complex and/or lengthy procedures.
  • General Anesthesia with Local Anesthetic, which is administered intravenously, renders a patient unconscious during their procedure. It is important to note that patients under general anesthesia will receive additional oxygen while their vitals are monitored by our highly experienced team. This is typically available for most procedures we perform in our office.

At Armanini, Kolodychak, & Basile, L.L.P., we care first and foremost for the safety and comfort of our patients. Questions and concerns regarding anesthesia are common, and we look forward to answering them during your consultation with us.


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